Lake Baikal. Island Olkhon. Nikita Bencharov's homestead
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Lake Baikal. Island Olkhon.

About us

Family Discover the best of yourself and of Baikal!
Clear night skies overhead with stars you've never seen before; tender breezes from Baikal, spreading the scent of wildflowers; songs by the campfire; attention and politeness, nice friendly folk from all over the world, – it all makes people come here – again and again.
Our family happily welcomes you to Olkhon Island, the second largest fresh-water island in the world. It is the largest and only inhabited island on ancient Lake Baikal. Ferry from the mainland to Olkhon goes every hour in summer. It was free in 2009.

Let us introduce ourselves:
For more than 10 years we, Nikita and Natasha Bencharov, have hosted guests from all over the world at our homestead. As a family, working together with others, we provide care and attention that others do not. Guests are welcome all year round. Located in the village of Khuzhir, our homestead is just a 5 minute walk from the famous Burkhan Cape and it's beautiful sandy beach. The air and water are pristine, and the sun shines more than 300 days a year. Our summers are delayed a month due to the melting of the ice on Baikal, but then it can get pleasantly warm. Watered by occasional summer showers, our homestead comes to life with greenery and flowers from July until September frosts.

Nikita Bencharov
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