Water tours

Water tours

A cruise on Baikal offers the unique (and often only) opportunity to enjoy the lake’s pristine ancient beauty far from the beaten track. The northern part of Baikal in particular has much to offer, with its beautiful coves and bays, nature-reserves (Baikal-Lenskii and Barguzin) and Ushkanii Islands. The lake’s central region contains its fair share of idyllic sights, especially around the Sandy Bay area, whilst the lake’s east-coast plays host to Chivirkuiskii Bay.
Olkhon serves as the perfect launching pad for these trips, allowing one to take in Baikal’s unique sights on short but comprehensive tours.
Nature connoisseurs maintain that the world appears far more beautiful when viewed from the centre of Baikal, where the sky and coastline cast an irresistible spell over travellers. As such, a cruise on Baikal represents a wonderful gift to yourself and your loved ones, one that will stay with you forever.

Cruise itineraries can be tailored to your individual needs and interests. They can include fishing excursions, picnics on the beach, hiking trips, scuba diving and other activities (upon request). Below are some examples of itineraries from previous years-

2-3 days: Olkhon Island - the Baikal-Lenskii nature reserve
A beautiful trip where the mountain range of the Baikal-Lenskii Reserve complements the shoreline perfectly. Here, the snow-capped mountain peaks and glaciers are spectacularly mirrored in Baikal’s water, whilst the shoreline comes alive with diverse flora and fauna and green meadows. An experienced instructor can then accompany you to the Lena River. This trip offers the best opportunity to experience Baikal’s authentic beauty in a relatively short period of time.

1st day- transfer from Olkhon to the cape Pokoiniki.
2nd day- Hike to the mineral spring (the Lena River).
3rd day- Return journey. This can be done at night in order to save time.

4-6 days: Olkhon Island - Baikal-Lenskii nature reserve - Ushkanii Islands - Chivirkuiskii Bay
The unique Ushkanii archipelago comprises four islands, and is a perfect place to see Baikal’s famous nerpa seals. Chivirkuiskii Bay contains many beautiful coves and small islands, as well as hot mineral springs where it is possible to swim.

1st day – transfer from Olkhon to the cape Pokoiniki.
2nd day – day’s hike in the Baikal-Lenskii Reserve.
3rd day – trip to the Ushkanii Islands, seal-watching, followed by transfer to Chivirkuiskii Bay.
4th/5th days - a trip around the islands of Chivirkuiskii Bay, fishing.
6th day - return to Olkhon island.

10-12 days: Olkhon – Cape Pokoiniki - Zavorotnii Bay - Cape Kovrishka - Khakusy (Hot Springs) - Frolikha Bay - Aiaia Bay - mouth of the Tompuda river - mouth of the Sosnovka river- Chivirkuiskii Bay – Olkhon
A unique journey, covering half the coastline of Lake Baikal (northern and central regions).

3-4 days: Irkutsk - Sandy Bay – Olkhon
This trip includes visits to the most beautiful areas of the Sandy Bay region, as well as passage through the Olkhon Gates to the Maloye More and Olkhon Island.

The boat "Rosich"
The boat "Rosich" is a modern vessel fitted with all the necessary equipment to provide tourists with a comfortable cruise on Baikal.
The vessel is reliable, seaworthy and perfectly suited to the conditions on Lake Baikal. It contains 2 double-bed cabins, a single-room in the bow, whilst there is also a single and double-bed in the boat’s saloon. The stern contains a shower and a small sauna for 1-2 persons. We have a small dingy to transport passengers to the shore in areas where the water is shallow.
Additional information about the ‘Rossich’
Length - 16 m
Width - 3.2 meters
Drought - 1.4 m
Cruising speed - 13 km/h
Number of passengers for a multi-day cruise - 6-8 people.
Number of passengers for day-long excursions - 10-12 people.